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The SpeakerAngle App for iOS and Android

Genelec, manufacturer of the world's finest professional studio monitors, is proud to present SpeakerAngle, the first digital tool which allows anyone to correctly set and match the angling ("toe-in") of their stereo or surround sound speakers.

Key Features

• Allows the accurate matching of speaker angles for optimum audio fidelity

• Easy and intuitive to use

• Works with both stereo and surround sound systems

• Works with any make and model speaker

• Works anywhere, with no need for WiFi or Internet connectivity

• Compatible with iPhone 4 and later; iPad 2 and later; and iPhone Touch 4th Generation and later

• Dedicated onscreen speaker icons move as the actual speaker is rotated

• Number boxes below each speaker icon continuously display the angle of the speaker as it is rotated

• Number boxes change color to let you know when your speaker is angled within industry recommendations, and when it is angled to the same degree as the other one in the pair (i.e. left and right in stereo systems; front left / front right, rear left / rear right, and side left / side right in surround systems)

• Detailed information screens provide a tutorial on speaker angling, as well as step-by-step instructions for using the SpeakerAngle app

Available for both iOS and Android devices

The SpeakerAngle App

The SpeakerAngle App