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Beware! Pro Tools is a bit like a shiny Porsche

The 'Pro Tools Jump Start volume 1' online course is out on Udemy!

We will teach you everything you need to know about Pro Tools and it starts with this course. You are in the right place!

Click here to check it out! 

Beware! Pro Tools is a bit like a shiny Porsche:) It's tempting to hop in, put the pedal to the metal. After all the great features are there to use. However, it can be easy to go down a path where you won't be using the features appropriately and in a way that truly won't help you achieve your goals.

When you take the decision of buying and using Pro Tools, it might be very confusing to know which training to follow or where to start from!

Knowing how to use Pro Tools features and producing great music tracks are two different things.

The Jump Start series aims to provide you with the help you need to understand the fundamentals while also learning how to best apply Pro Tools features in the context of the work you do.

The objective is to get you to be comfortable using Pro Tools and understand the fundamentals so that you are no longer intimidated by the software.

It will build your confidence in bringing to life your audio and music production ideas.

It is this skill of understanding exactly where things are and how to properly use them in context that will set you apart from the crowd.

In this first course, we will work on a simple project in which we will be creating an electronic music track using loops that you can find and download from the “course materials” section of the "Importing Audio Files" lecture.

The idea is to first start with a collection of loops and end up with a full track.

You will need about two hours to complete this first course, other courses will follow in this series, so stay tuned for more!

 We will be working on Pro Tools®11 but you can use any other version and you will still be able to complete this course without any problem.

Just so you’re able to see what I’m seeing, it’s safer to work on Pro Tools9 or on any later version.

If you have an earlier version of Pro Tools, it’s fine, things might look different, there will be minor changes that you will experience but besides that there is nothing to worry about.

I will also be using a MAC throughout the course.

If you’re using a PC, everything will be the same except for the shortcuts.

But don’t worry, I will teach you shortcuts on both systems.

I hope you will enjoy this course and am looking forward to helping you master Pro Tools in no time.

Your questions about Pro Tools 11 answered!

Pro Tools 11 was announced today during a live Q&A session from the NAB2013 show in Las Vegas.

Some F.A.Q about Pro Tools11 answered:

1) Will Pro Tools 11 support the 192 H/W interface?

Avid didn't do anything to stop it from working on PT11 but they haven't tested it either. It should run fine but Avid is no longer supporting it or testing it.

2) Does the New Offline Bounce to Disk feature work with external Hardware?

No, this new feature only works with Native AAX plug-ins.

3) What about the HEAT plug-ins and the new Offline Bounce to Disk feature?

In the background the DSP Heat plug-ins will switch to native plug-ins to perform the Offline Bounce to Disk task then switch back to the DSP format once it's done.

4) Will my PT11 session open on a PT10 system or do I need to downgrade it using Save Copy in?

Yes, PT11 sessions will open in PT10 without the need to downgrade them.

5) Does Pro Tools 11 support RTAS plug-ins?

No Pro Tools  11 only supports the AAX plug-ins format.

6) Is it true that you can have both PT10 and PT11 installed on your system?

Yes, with Pro Tools 11, Avid is giving you the ability to have both Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools11 versions installed on the same system. This way if you need for example to use third party plug-ins that are still not available in AAX format, you can quit your PT11 and open PT10 that supports those plug-ins.

8) What about the Freeze Track option? Did Avid forget about it?

With the new Offline Bounce To Disk feature, Avid suggests that you Bounce offline your track and re-import it back in, then make your original track inactive (Ctrl+Command and Click on the Track Type Icon in the Mix Window).

7) Am I eligible for a free upgrade?

You are eligible for a free upgrade only if you have purchased you Pro Tools 10 software on the 7th of April 2013 but not before.

8) What is the cost of the upgrade?

From PT10 to PT11: $299

From PT9 to PT11: $399

From PT M-powered to PT11: $499

From PTHD10 to PTHD11: $599

From PTHD9 to PTHD11: $999

9) What about the software price?

PT11: $699

Special student's price: $295

However, the upgrade policy for major upgrades for students is no longer free of charge. It will be from now on for $99.

Learn Pro Tools in Australia’s finest recording studios, Studios 301

The studios and engineers at 301 have produced records selling millions of copies, all on Pro Tools based systems. By learning the Avid Certified Pro Tools courses in the facilities at Studios 301 Sydney, you will gain experience in a professional facility, taught by Avid Certified Instructor Carole Issa.

Here are some students' thoughts about their training experience at Studios301:

“After going through the course I felt empowered! The course was quite a revelation to me as I had a little idea of what advanced software such as Pro-Tools 10 could do. With its advanced features and user-friendly editing tools, a whole new world of sound editing and mixing options was made available to me at my fingertips. Carole has a unique approach to training and she has an amazing talent of putting mental bookmarks on the content which she delivers. She can explain complex concepts in plain english to both a technical and non-technical audience which is a very rare skill to have. Her energetic and enthusiastic approach as a trainer gets trainees to take a lot of interest in the subject and creates a willingness to dive deeper in the content. Her pleasant personality along with her sense of humor captivates audience at all levels. It was a great pleasure working with her and knowing her in person. She is definitely a great asset to any company or organization that she works for." Anirban, course participant

"I recently took part in the Pro Tools 101 course with Carole Isa and have signed up for the 110 course next month. I felt the course was useful for me as I am predominantly a Logic Pro user and have always wanted to improve my knowledge and skills on PT due its universal use in music and post production. Carole was an excellent instructor and her teaching methods leant themselves to the software and the course content. I think the most important thing about any kind of professional development is to learn how you can work smarter! Carole opened up some of the tools and shortcuts which can bring a more focused approach to my project work. I’d recommend signing up for this course to anyone that could benefit from sharpening up there Pro Tools skills." - Dave, course participant

"Studying at Studio 301 is an opportunity that I am grateful to have experienced. To be in the facilities that have produced so much magic is quite incredible & certainly something I will never forget. Audio Production is becoming more apparent in my professional life, working in an Advertising agency creating jingles & recording VO's for radio & TVCs. I am a passionate songwriter & play regular gigs both solo & in a couple of bands, so everything I learn can be applied across the board.If you are like me, reading through the Pro Tools 101 manual from beginning to end can be daunting & un amusing. However, having such an understanding instructor who can easily relate to each students needs & can describe even the more complicated aspects in a simple way so that you, the student will understand is invaluable. I am very much looking forward to furthering my studies with Pro Tool 110 course at Studio 301"- Trent, course participant