Our Pro Tools Online Courses

With our online Pro Tools courses, you will learn everything you need to know about Pro Tools to get up and running in no time. Our live HD quality Pro Tools courses sessions with our expert Avid certified instructor Carole Issa, will give you hands-on experience that is necessary to develop confidence and proficiency. Our courses are currently the only Online Pro Tools courses based in Australia that cover both music and post production with hands-on real world practical projects.

Next session starting:

5 May 2014


Are these courses right for me?

"I am after a simple, jargon-free way to learn Pro Tools"-Kate-

"I need answers to my questions on the spot"-Joel-

"I don't have the time to learn by trial and error, I want to learn with a professional and fast"-Karen-

"I'm looking for affordable, high quality online courses"-Eric-

"I need someone to show me things that I won't be able to pick up by myself"-Tim-

"I have no recording experience and I would like a pro to show me where to start from" -Samir-

"I would like to have control over my projects and optimize my workflow" -David-

"I want a professional to give me confidence and knowledge to use Pro Tools like a pro"-Sean-

If any of these people sound like you, then these courses are definitely for you!

beyC Pro Tools Online Courses (HD quality)

How our online courses work?

A 2h Live Webinar (HD quality)* will be held twice a week using Fuzemeeting with our Avid Certified Expert Pro Tools instructor: Carole Issa

You can join us using your laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet device... anything you like!

Just make sure to download the Fuze App first!

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* Quality will differ depending on your internet connection speed and device that you are using


Pro Tools Online Courses Details and Pricing:

 Course 1: Pro Tools foundations

      Length: 4 weeks 

  • Digital Audio Theory
  • The Mbox3 explained
  • Files Structure and Management
  • Importing Audio/Video and MIDI files
  • Recording Techniques
  • Editing Techniques
  • Automation and Mixing Techniques
  • Bouncing your project to Disk
  • Backing Up The Project

Course 2: Producing with Pro Tools

      Length: 6 weeks 

  • Optimizing Pro Tools Display and Performance
  • Managing Session Data and Media Files
  • Advanced Recording Techniques
  • Advanced Editing Techniques
  • Beat Detective
  • Elastic Audio 
  • MIDI Workflow and Virtual Instruments
  • Mixing Techniques and Professional Workflows
  • Finalzing your work
  • Creating a Stereo Bounce ready for Mastering
  • Mastering and Dithering concepts

Course 3: Pro Tools in Music Production hands-on

    Length: 8 weeks

    Project: Record, Edit, Mix and Remix a full song

  • BPM management
  • Configuring the Session
  • Recording Audio with a band workflow and techniques
  • Recording MIDI Data
  • Quantizing MIDI Data
  • Converting MIDI Data to Audio
  • Editing the Song
  • Mixing Techniques 
  • Backing up the Session

Course 4: Pro Tools in Post Production hands-on

       Length: 8 weeks 

       Projects: - Producing a radio spot 

                      - Producing the soundtrack of a short movie 

  • Configuring the Session
  • Recording the Voice Over
  • Creating a Music Bed
  • Dubbing Techniques
  • Synching Audio to Picture
  • Creating Sound Effects
  • Editing the Session
  • Mixing Techniques in Post Production
  • Finalizing your work for delivery

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